Car Body Shop

At Ado's Auto Body, we understand how much of an investment your car is and know full well about the importance of keeping it in top condition. Our car body shop staffs highly trained service technicians that possess the expertise and experience to repair your car quickly and at reasonable prices.

We provide excellent auto body repair. Automobile damage, if left unattended, can degrade your car's performance by interfering with the aerodynamics. It can put you and your passengers at risk. Let a skilled mechanic from our team look over your car and spot any issues that may be there or remedy the ones that you know about. From collision repair to our custom paint services, you can trust that we'll make your car look and work flawless again.

Through excellent service, quality workmanship, and dedicated customer service, Ado's Auto Body has worked its way to the top as a premier repair shop in Bloomington, MN. Trust us to provide you with high quality auto restoration and auto rust repair at competitive rates.

For scratches and discoloration, our auto paint services can restore your car's exterior. Call Ado's Auto Body today to schedule an auto inspection. Don't hesitate to ask us questions, we are more than happy to help.


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